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Jeff Stander

Hi Neale,


One suggestion is a barber hauler for your genoa sheet.

We use that track forward for a sliding standup block that accommodates the after-guy for the spinnaker pole (see Running Rigging on Beatrix)

Since we have a 120% genoa we also make use of the track for adjusting the sheet angle. 

I expect your big genoa would not use the forward part of the track but in case you buy a smaller sail in the future I would leave it in.


There are some other opinions out there, but I use the full track.  I have two genoa cars, a sliding horn cleat, the standup block for the afterguy, and a couple of sliding padeyes on each track. 





From: [] On Behalf Of Neale McLennan
Sent: Wednesday, 29 July 2020 10:55 AM
Subject: [petersoncuttter] Genoa track KP44


Hi all,
 I have just removed my Genoa track on starboard side, need to replace track, have seen the trackless system but think I will replace track.
Question is does the track need to be so long, since I have had my KP44 I have not been able to use the forward part of track { not even halfway up track } so I'm asking people who have more experience, do I need to replace track with same 3.7 meter/12 foot track, would half that length be adequate?
My Genoa is very big, it sheets in great when all the way out and car right aft on track, the problem is when furled in I cant get it sheeted well for windward sailing.
Petterson 44 #267

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