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Hello all my name is Peter and I have been reading the forum threads for awhile. I am the new owner of the 1977 Formosa 46 Lookfar, thank you Rod and Jill! maybe Jeff can remove it from the for sale list? Going through this process was very difficult with the current global situation, but Rod and Jill helped to make this happen as smoothly as anyone could dream. I am now in Aruba doing some boat work in exotic places and was wondering if the forum could comment. During a recent Caribbean crazy storm, I found 9 leaks all coming from roughly the same area, because water runs downhill. Rod and his son both mentioned that the cabin top to deck joint could probably benefit from a look, the teak deck is original and has been sanded a lot and never removed. So down the rabbit hole I went...there are large gaps along the cabin top to deck joint and screws through the cabin top presumably fastening the cabin top to the deck. My question to the panel of infinite wisdom is, can I fill the gap with thickened epoxy, remove the cabin top screws and glass the joint?

I can add pictures if anyone is interested.

Thank you for being an awesome resource. I think this forum is one of the main reasons I pursued this boat. I hope to contribute to the pool of knowledge here.
Thank you
SV Lookfar 
1977 Formosa 46

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