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Hi All.

Do any of you have any sick SLA batteries? I recently discovered that my two 9AH SLAs had become more than a little sick after sitting around for a while and were not appropriately responding to charging. They were also immediately dropping to 9-10V with only 150mA of discharge current. I recalled that I had been going to try something that I had seen in a YouTube video quite a while back. This is how it all went:

1: Carefully remove the top panel from the battery with a knife or screwdriver to reveal the rubber caps on the cells.
2: Remove the rubber caps.
3: Top up each cell with water. Yes, that's right, the video mentioned water but I would use distilled water.
4: Replace cell caps and top panel.
5: Charge.

I didn't have any distilled water left, so I used tap water after considering I really had nothing to lose. The charging process took longer than it had recently been taking. The immediate voltage drop no longer occurred and now, all looks fine again. It seems that the main cause of this SLA "sickness" is that they dry out.

I do have another battery that I labelled as usable, plus some I was given as no longer usable that I will also try to rejuvenate. Worth a try

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Kevin Crockett
Axedale, Victoria