Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

This message was received from this morning. It is good that they are watchig out for us, made the change, and I didn't have to do anything:


As a security precaution, we are no longer permitting groups that are not set to Restrict Membership from having their member lists visible to subscribers. This is to prevent someone from subscribing to a group just to harvest a list of email addresses. We do not have any evidence that email addresses have been harvested this way and are doing this out of an abundance of caution.

Because your group is not set to Restrict Membership, we have changed your group settings so that the member list is only viewable by moderators and owners. If you want to continue to have the member list visible by subscribers, you can go into the Spam Control section of your group's Setting page, check the Restricted Membership box, and then you will be able to change Members Visible (in the Privacy section) back to Subscribers.

NOTE: We are NOT referring to the Member Directory, only the member list, which has email addresses visible.

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Kevin Crockett
Axedale, Victoria