Cycle space on new V/Line trains

Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

The new V/Line train carriages have space for 14 more passengers - at the expense of a toilet, cycle space and other item storage. Currently, the carriage of bicycles is at the discretion of the Conductor and groups are simply not catered for and are advised to make alternative arrangements. This is simply not acceptible in the interests of encouraging more people to use cycles. The new carriages make train travel to Melbourne for a day of cycling even less likely.

Want to take a part in trying to reverse the situation? Visit the Bendigo railway station for the 12:07 train arrival on Tuesday Nov 13 and rub shoulders with a few cyclists from Bicycle Network who are coming to Bendigo to meet with Jacinta Allen, Minister of Transport, and some Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail members. Trevor and I will be riding to the Hargreaves St Mall for a cup of coffee and some public visibility an hour or two earlier if you want to join us. We will be then heading to the station for the train arrival.