Remote Control #remote

Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

Only if I give you the password.

Graeme Knight - VK3GRK

And then when Kevin gets his remote transceiver organised - we can just access his ;-)

Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

Good to hear you are back on the road Andrew.

There is a myriad of apps, etc., for remote controlling a transceiver. The difficulty appears to be in making a choice for yourself so that when you put it together, it works. I still have a few things to try. I will try LAN firsty and then WAN.

Andrew Excell

It's amazing what smartphone tech is capable off. I'd be keen to check it out. Building a short wave supereganerative (rx only) circuit, a SDR, a pair of amps, pre-amp, the parts to finish the parabolic antenna have arrived so that will be completed soon ( need f uhf to f uhf Conn's to finish, jaycar tomorrow) plus other stuff as always. Studying is going well, so hopefully soon I'll be licensed and on air soon, plus able to build tx/RX circuits too. Car has a new battery so I'm mobile again. So I'll see you at the club and on rides if you're there. Keep up the good work and research, I appreciate hearing about achievements and advancements not only the broader smet community has to offer but more pertinently what members of our club have acheived and tried. Cheers Kevin ta

Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

I downloaded a heap of YouTube remoting videos, viewed them, and decided to install PocketRxTx on my phone. It and the videos looked impressing so, after downloading the User Manual, I then decided to upgrade to the Pro version for $5.00 odd. This allowed me to control a couple of Web SDRs without doing much more than opening the app and setting a couple of things. I tried a couple in Canada and the app creator's SDR in Hungary(?). Worked a treat. The manual says that there is nothing really different with controlling your own transceiver and this is next on the list when I get some time.

It seems like an easy, painless, and cheap way to go.

Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

Another spin-off project suggested itself to me after rain put paid to my trike building endeavours for the day.

Why not remote control a home multi-band radio from your ride? The benefits are less stuff to cart around and the more efficient, higher gain, antennas that exist at home. A Raspberry Pi based computer might be the best to use at homer as it would only require starting up. There a many Youtube tutorials on the Internet. Only require choice of which one to use.

You can use your phone to control it. I have a dongle that I use for DMR so an old tablet, when I get around to resoldering the micro-USB socket, should do for the ride end.

How about it? Let me know how you go and I will copy it.