Front Mudguards - Plans or designs for recumbents

David Beaty - VK3ETE <vk3ete@...>

With winter coming, wet weather riding is starting to become more frequent, is there a design available for front mudguards on a three wheel recumbent.
This is to eliminate the water spray in to the riders hands from the wet road surface.
If anybody has any plans or designs it would be great.

Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

David - A number of ways to combat spray come to mind:

1. Slow down.
2. Avoid wet patches.
3. Completely enclose the rider.
4. Install mudguards.

Items 3 and 4 may be the only long-term practical answer. Item 3 would remove the need for Item 4, leaving Item 4 if Item 3 is not practicable.

There are numerous types of mudguards available with varying degrees of suitability for X-brand trikes. If you can have a close look at Trevor's in his album, you will see that his trike has mudguards which are, probably, Greenspeeds and relatively expensive. However, if I was looking at having to fit mudguards, I would be looking at lengthwise slitting some PVC pipe, heating it with a hot air gun and bending it to the required curve. A same size wheel might make the curving easier as would kerfing if necessary. Attachment then becomes a matter of suitable light struts to the nearest attachment point. You could also look at as a member, Emma otherwise known as Twinkle, went to some effort to explain how she made her trike mudguards.

Having said all that, it is intended that the Trio of Trikes currently under construction will have a coreflute body, rendering mudguards redundant.

Hope all this helps.

Correction - Trevor's trike only has a rear mudguard.

Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

I suddenly remembered that I had planned to make PVC mudguards. Similar to defective windscreen wipers, they only show as a problem when it rains.

My plan was to slice a PVC tube lengthwise, kerf one half, bend it around the wheel using a hot air gun, let it set, fill in the kerf slots with "bog" or similar, sand, paint, and attach over the wheels to suit. I still have to do it and should do it sooner rather than later. Watch this space. Might get started this afternoon.

Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

Two photos of my attempt to make mudguards have been uploaded to the Tricks and Hints Photo Album. The rest should be relatively easy, although nothing was hard or difficult with what I did.

Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

Before anyone gets too carried away with making mudguards, it may pay to consider the bogging process.

My single mudguard was left sitting on a bench awaiting time to progress it further. Unfortunately, I knocked it off and it fell on the ground. Many of the bogged kerfs cracked with the bog and the PVC separating. Maybe PVC is something that PlastiBond doesn't like? I have used it for filling welded steel to make it look better where the angle grinder wouldn't fit and it is OK.

Paul Stampton VK3IH / G3ZDR

My GT3 Greenspeed trike had nice Greenspeed mudguards they worked well.

Paul VK3IH