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Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

Bluetooth Audio and Control: Operating a single radio transceiver while riding is relatively easy. A speaker mic can be held in one's hand all the time and then only requires having one hand free for operation - all other things considered. However, the situation changes significantly, even exponentially, with a number of additions. Consider a mobile phone (audio), HF/VHF/UHF radios (audio and transmit/receive switching) and you should see what I mean.

Which one do you send to your earphone? How do you select? What takes priority and should interrupt everything else?

I plan to use a special Bluetooth IC from I have had two of them for a couple of years, along with a Buetooth headphone (single earpiece and mic) in readiness. I have downloaded an interface circuit for the IC and intend to add a simple VOX/Anti-VOX to prevent transmitting when there is an incoming audio signal. There will be another audio connect/select/prioritise/level/indicate/kill module associated with it with the ability to also/instead of send the audio to a small stereo amplifier.

Anyway, that's the general plan that will be worked on when I get to that point. The eAssist battery has a USB outlet that I hope to use at least for part. There is also some battery management planned but I can't identify requirements until all the foregoing is settled.

Ambitious? Maybe but it should create interest. I will find the circuitry and put the information up - somewhere.

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