sticky Re: Electronic Accessories

Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

My current trike construction has led me down a number of intermediate paths towards future electronic accessories for when it is completed. The first of these was the previously described lighting. I have almost completed the installation of a temporary "dashboard" to my Warrior trike to facilitate testing and shakedown. A suitable mount for a tablet has been fashioned. This tablet will be the main display and will show the Ulysse Speedo and also the image that my video camera is taking. In order to avoid a number of switches and wiring, I have a smaller tablet that will be used for a number of control functions including the lighting and stepper motor camera rotation.

How do I intend to implement all that? Research led me to a free downloadable computer app called MIT App Inventor. This app provides drag and drop creation of display and functionality with either a small screen device emulation or direct casting to your phone or tablet via WiFi through the companion app, MIT AI2 Companion. Together, these apps can create an installable app for your phone or tablet that will allow you to control an Arduino or similar micro. It is quite easy to use with little understanding of programming. Logic functions are also drag and drop. The process is to design the display and then drag and drop the required logic, connecting them like a jigsaw puzzle. There are many YouTube "How to" videos that can help you along. So far I have been positioning buttons and integrating speech synthesis that provides speech confirmation of the button presses. Much more to come yet.

Worth a look if you are looking for some design-your-own Android phone app operation.

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