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Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

A successful LED lighting trial for during the O'Keefe Challenge April 26 and April 28.
The Light the Trail Night ride included rear lights powered by a USB battery pack that ran the flashing tail light, indicators and even hazard lights at one stage. This was for riding from Axedale to Heathcote and back - about 66km. There was no diminishing of light output and no interruption to the lights with the USM power cabled firmly tethered to the battery pack to prevent it vibrating out. The battery pack indication was that it would have lasted 3 or 4 times that distance.
In addition to the rear lights, I ran a 3 metre long, 90-LED display lighting strip from one side, up towards the front and down the other side with 20 or so different display patterns. This lit up both sides of the riding trail and is an indication of what white side lighting and reverse lighting could do. Great. This was powered from my on-board 9AH 12V SLA battery via a simple 7805 (1.5A) regulator. I ran it all the way to Heathcote and back without any problems.
The Challenge ride, 42km from Junortoun to Heathcote only required the rear lighting. Altough not a great distance, it ran the taillight for the 7 hours duration and indicators/hazard flashers for 3/4hr less than that. This only depleted the battery pack by an indicated 25%,
I forgot to mention the dashboard indications were powered as well.
Improvements? Front lights, change colurs of dashboard display to mimic rear lights, a couple more 5V regulators to power all from 12V battery (might not suit you but you could use 18650s instead) and a power distribution panel from the battery. I now have to do it properly.
All in all, a very successful trial once I discovered that the cyclicly intermittent e-Assist USB outlet did not power the microprocessor reliably. Yippee!!

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