sticky Re: Lighting

Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

Successfully tested basic operation of installed rear lighting today.
Have added a small "dashboard" with repeaters for rear lighting. Most reassuring to see telltale dashboard indication that the lights are functioning as designed. Not much fun to find that the USB power plug has fallen out (happened on earlier trials) and the tail and indicator lights that you thought were being displayed, actually weren't there at all. A cursory glance at the dashboard and one returns to a calmer state.
A word of advice. I detest those micro USB connectors at any time. Add the vibration on a bike or trike and there connections can become iffy at best. They need to be firmly fixed in place (insulation tape) and prevented from vibrating. Vibration is the worst enemy of any connector. Hard wired would be best.
The next stage is to add the fancy lights for the Light The Trail ride from Axedale to Heathcote on April 26th. This will be a separate Arduino for a quick fix but will be incorporated into the lighting controller at a later date. After that comes LED additions for the front and a dedicated 5V power source from the onboard 12V battery.

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