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Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

Sorry, my V6.0 file contains a number of errors that at related to using a 30-LED strip and not 3 x 8-LED strips as mentioned in the sketch. The corrected text is:
// *** Start/End LED positions ***
// Left Turn Indicator:
define LEFT_INDICATOR_START 0 // Left Indicator Start in LED strip
define LEFT_INDICATOR_END 7 // Left Indicator End in LED strip
// Tail/Brake Light:
define TAILLIGHT_START 8 // Tail/Brake light Start in LED strip
define TAILLIGHT_END 15 // Tail/Brake light End in LED strip
// Right Turn Indicator:
define RIGHT_INDICATOR_START 16 // Right Indicator start in LED strip
define RIGHT_INDICATOR_END 23 // Right Indicator end in LED strip
My apologies for any difficulties caused.

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