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File: 2019_03_17_BikeLights_V5.0_24_LED.ino

Uploaded By: Kevin Crockett

The latest incarnation of my LED lights Arduino sketch has been uploaded to the files section: 2019_03_17_BikeLights_V5.0_24_LED.ino. The backbone of the sketch is based on what David, VK3ETE created. I modified it to suit my own requirements. At the moment, it only covers rear lights but it is a no-brainer to add front, except for the headlight, as well. The headlight will remain commercial but its On/Off function could be included at a later date. Functional features: The startup LED test is now automatic, visually showing that all LEDs are displaying the correct Red, Green, Blue colour order, therefore removing the need for 1 switch. There is a single FastLED LED used as a dashboard repeater for left/right, hazard and brake light use. The Tail light is a short flash, long off indication. There is provision for a brake switch that stops the Tail light flashing for the duration of braking. Providing the connections remain, there is now a visual indication that the lights are working, even if you cannot see them from where you sit. Anyway, it tests OK connected to a dev board and the computer. If you wish to try and duplicate the lighting setup I can supply the details of what is required and where to get the parts. Just ask on this forum. It is very cheap - cost, not performance.

You can access this file at the URL:

I have just realised that I have not catered for a reversing light (yet). An easy job to include. That means there will be a V6.0 to come.

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