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File: vk3ckc_flasher_V1.04.ino

Uploaded By: Kevin Crockett

This one is the final one for the present. It achieves what I set out to achieve. The following text is taken from the sketch. FastLED with state control. Uses millis(xx) instead of delay(xx) for "multitasking" the Arduino so that more same-time operations can be added at a later date. Delay(xx) locks the Arduino until end of delay period. This sketch has a number of functions as coded here: 1. leds_1 - High intensity flashing AMBER light controller for turn indicators. No sketch switch detection is required. 2. leds_2 - Low intensity RED flashing light controller for Tail light. A High intensity solid RED light overide controller for brakes applied. Sketch switch detection is provided, Will return HIGH when pressed. A solid RED colur is applied to leds_2 while braking is On. 3. A High intensity WHITE flashing light controller for day time front lighting. No sketch switch detection required here. 4. A future intention is to include two high intensity solid WHITE lights for general use - interior, reverse. No sketch switch detection required. This one is not coded here. Where no sketch detection is required, DPDT hardware switches will route Arduino output and an external 5V power source to the appropriate LED strip(s). Some time in the future I might write classes for the controllers. Compiled and tested on Arduino Uno but should also work on a Nano.

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