sticky Re: Lighting

Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

Have now got a working Arduino LED light controller in demo mode with 3 LED bars attached. There is still a little code tidying required before I upload the sketch and I can provide some assistance if you wish to customise anything.


1. Left and Right Turn Indicators. Can be easily modified for hazard flashers with non-programmed external switch.
2. Tail/Brake Light. Flashes low intensity for tail light and is replaced with solid high intensity with a programmed brake light switch detection.
3. Static white light for other uses such as reversing, interior (programmed for flashing at the moment). Could be easily changed for front "running" lights with minor code changes.

If one is so inclined, one can easily add multi-colour, multi-pattern eye-catching display lighting using one of the many Arduino sketches available from the Internet. This is something I will add to my Warrior trike for the O'Keefe Challenge in April.

So, what is stopping you having your own unique bike/trike lighting?

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