sticky Lighting

Kevin Crockett - VK3CKC

Have you ever been perplexed about what sort of lighting to purchase for your trike or bike? There are so many types, sizes, running voltage, running current, effectiveness, mounting requirements, etc., to consider and I find the need to have a number of small batteries and having to check them decidedly annoying. In short, there is a requirement for a "better mousetrap".

I purchased a number of RGB WS2812 8-LED strips and a couple of 1m lengths WS2812 strips for testing. Although I had a couple of Arduino Uno boards, I also bought an Arduino Nano. I tried a downloaded Arduino sketch using the FastLED library but I couldn't get the Nano to run it for some reason. I loaded the same thing to a Uno that has run other sketches and it runs perfectly. The LEDs run off 5V which leads to one power source for all lights.

The exercise has proved completely successful and I have an 8-LED demo running a wide variety of colours and displays from a USB battery bank at 90mA.

My plan is to use WS2812 LEDs for everything except headlight use - tail light (low intensity), stop light (high intensity), turn indicators, body interior lighting and display lighting with whatever colour, intensity and pattern takes my fancy. The 8-LED strips will be generally put them in a small Jiffy box, replacing the lid with a diffusing panel. I do have a couple of plastic panels that can be used for this.

There are plenty of examples of using WS2812 LEDs on the Internet.

If you get experimenting, please post your results here.

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