Re: Remote Control #remote

Andrew Excell

It's amazing what smartphone tech is capable off. I'd be keen to check it out. Building a short wave supereganerative (rx only) circuit, a SDR, a pair of amps, pre-amp, the parts to finish the parabolic antenna have arrived so that will be completed soon ( need f uhf to f uhf Conn's to finish, jaycar tomorrow) plus other stuff as always. Studying is going well, so hopefully soon I'll be licensed and on air soon, plus able to build tx/RX circuits too. Car has a new battery so I'm mobile again. So I'll see you at the club and on rides if you're there. Keep up the good work and research, I appreciate hearing about achievements and advancements not only the broader smet community has to offer but more pertinently what members of our club have acheived and tried. Cheers Kevin ta

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