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Andrew Excell

G'day fellow radio, electronic and cycling enthusiasts, firstly i'd like to extend my gratitude of welcoming me to the club and also making me feel accepted and additionally providing me with valuable advice and resource materials. Secondly I'd like to say and thank everyone involved with today's bike ride, although short and the weather was not ideal, i still had fun. Now to my point, recently i have been introduced to internet amature radio "net casts". I was searching for the 'KIWI' site (unknown actual name), if anyone can refer me to this site, it would be much appreciated. By chance I did stumble across a net casting of The Irving Amature Radio Club WA5CKF located in Dallas, TX, USA. At the moment a weak signal is broadcasting a sci-fi movie, mainly soldier, bladerunner, terminator etc forum chat, interrupted occasionally by a clearer broadcast between two gents with thick Texan accents discussing amature radio setup, disign, and troubleshooting, with very very occasional morse transmissions. Just thought i'd let you know whats out there that i've found. link as follows additionally STREEMA has other amature radio net casts see link for more . I hope this is useful, if not it's at least something to keep in mind for later, if needed  i guess. Any way I hope your day is going well and again thanks for the welcome to the club and advice in my new found love of ammature radio. cheers Andrew.

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