overview of local homelessness programs, from Portland / Multnomah County 5 messages By Godfrey Merrill ·
P:NW Shelter to Housing Continuum Project Event Tonight, 6:00-7:30pm 2 messages By Sean Green ·
"Community First" proposal: citywide safe sites, but no other camping 5 messages By Godfrey Merrill ·
Portland to resume homeless camp sweeps/cleanups 35 messages By Tim McCormick ·
[EXTERNAL] Re: [pdxshelterforum] Portland to resume homeless camp sweeps/cleanups 3 messages By Olson, Lexi ·
Managed Camping Pilot Project on City Property: How To Get Approval? 20 messages By Will Denecke ·
PDX Shelter Forum - Check out Community First! Village in Austin TX 32 messages By Leo Kaminski ·
Invitation: Community Conversations hosted by Oregon Dept. of Justice 5 messages By Diane Rivera ·
Metro homeless tax committee under scrutiny over lack of houseless & substance-abuse survivors representation 7 messages By Houseless First ·
PDX Shelter Forum June 25 forum - full event materials, and next steps 3 messages By Tim McCormick ·
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