today 3-5pm: watch/comment at A Home For Everyone, Coordinating Board meeting

Godfrey Merrill

  Passcode: MultAHFE2#

Meeting announcement

Public Comment:
Attendees may submit comment in writing to AHFE@... to be read aloud by Joint Office Staff, or provide their comment verbally.

10 min - Welcome & Introductions - All 
10 min - Open for Public Comment: Up to five people, two minute limit per person.
10 min Coordinating Board Co-Chair Nominations - Joshua Bates
15 min Continuum of Care (CoC) Update - Marc Jolin, Bill Boyd, Steve Richard
20 min COVID-19 Response Update - Marc Jolin
15 min Strategic Planning: Framework & Governance Structure Engagement Strategy - Joshua Bates
25 min Metro Supportive Housing Services (SHS) Program Update - Nui Bezaire, Marc Jolin
15 min General Updates & Announcements - All

Meeting materials are posted at AHFE CB page under meeting date at 
this usually includes presentations, posted close to meeting time; and some time after meeting,a recording and eventually, minutes. 

Background (as noted in previous PDX Shelter Forum notices about this meeting: 
This is the wider committee, advising the Executive Committee, of the homeless policy coordinating body for Multnomah County. (also known as the area's "Continuum of Care", designated by the Federal government in each area to oversee Federal funding). Basically, it steers much of the region's homelessness-related funding.