TIP: how to manage volume of PDXshelterforum posts

Tim McCormick

thanks to everyone actively posting & replying on the list -- I am really pleased to have open, constructive discussion with many & varied participants. 

THAT SAID, I realize getting all the emails may get a bit much for people. We do tend to get some unsubscribes when volume peaks 

HOWEVER, not to fear, you can easily manage this, any time, by a) muting the thread, or b) switching to Daily Summary or Web only reading. Below is a note on how to do that, it's also always available on the PDXshelterforum.org front page. 

Also, if you have any concerns or ideas about how to make this group & project better, please feel free to share on list or email me tmccormick@... or text to (503) 482-8314, anonymously if you like. 
thanks, Tim


Too many messages? it happens, we understand. You can manage or fix this by using the links on the bottom of every message to to either

     a) Mute This Topic (the current 'thread' of set of messages with the same Subject line).  

     b) Unsubscribe. If you choose Unsubscribe, you'll be given alternatives to:

  1. Switch to Daily Summary
  2. Switch to Special Notices Only (e.g. from admin),
  3. Cancel and Stay (cancel unsubscribe request), 
  4. Leave Group (need re-approval to rejoin).

Tim McCormick
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Organizer at Village Collaborative
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