The S2HC Advocacy Working Session - Sunday 4-6pm

Sean Green

As most of you know the Shelter to Housing Continuum (S2HC) project is going to, among other things, define what kind of alternative shelters and villages are allowed and where they are allowed. 

The PDX Shelter Forum, Portland: Neighbors Welcome, the Interfaith Alliance on Poverty, and the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods are hosting a virtual advocacy working session this Sunday from 4-6pm. At this meeting we will identify and discuss potential areas we wish to provide feedback and hopefully collaboratively create and work towards consensus on some specific language/recommendations we can provide.

S2HC Advocacy Working Session
Sunday, 10/25 from 4-6pm

For those who are interested, but would like to get up-to-speed, I would highly recommend watching the recording of the S2HC Informational Session hosted by A Home for Everyone. Also, I highly recommend watching the video of the forum we had with the Low Income Housing Institute


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