Thank you

Jeff Liddicoat

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From: Jeff Liddicoat <outsideartsale@...>
Date: Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 4:35 AM
Subject: Thank you
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Your comment on pdxshelterforum was very welcomed. I feel pretty outnumbered there. They mostly say they feel bad about homelessness, but a lot of them you can tell are just chomping at the bit to get a clear path to sweep and sweep and sweep some more. Increases in shelter beds (given various court rulings) would make sweeps more defensible in court. Forcing people into shelters results at some point in a very bad situation for those who resist and continue with independent urban camping (as well as group camping). The bad situation occurs when the numbers of people camping are reduced enough that they become vulnerable to being overwhelmed by both police and private security. At that point not only can the sweeps become overly frequent the prosecutor and police will feel more free to actually pursue convictions (which at present they rarely do) and along with that they will probably seek longer jail sentences and steeper fines.
And so perhaps the sheep’s in wolve’s clothing will help me get ready for being outnumbered in  a more problematic way.
In the meantime I hope you will check in with pdxshelterforum and offer a bit of balance like your comment the other day did.
Again thank you .
Jeff Liddicoat