On NOW, 11:30am PST: Senate hearing on "All In: The Federal Strategic Plan [on Homelessness]

Tim McCormick

STARTING NOW: The U.S. Senate is holding a hearing on "All In: The Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness." Leaders from USICH and HUD are both testifying.

Read "All In": usich.gov/fsp
Tim McCormick
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Sue Gemmell

Thank you Tim! This is an awesome resource. 

I was unable to attend the webinar - do you have a link handy to a recording? If not I'll poke around and look for one. 

While exploring their website I found this (the kind of title that always sucks me in... )

System and Program Design

These tools, created by Framework project partners, help communities improve and redesign programs, partnerships, and systems to strengthen their responses to homelessness and to advance racial equity and housing justice.

Which has a link to their document 
(Reimagining Interim Housing Stages and Action Areas for Transforming Approaches to Sheltering People Experiencing Homelessness December 2022)
such lovely Fed-Speak!
On page 2 is very valuable information:  (Bold face is mine) 

Use of the Term “Interim Housing” We have purposefully chosen to entitle this project and this document “Reimagining Interim Housing” but want to make the meaning and intentions behind the term “interim housing” clear. We have received considerable guidance from people with lived expertise and experiences of homelessness about the stigmatizing and traumatizing impacts of language in current usage within homelessness response systems, including the term “emergency shelter.” Based upon that guidance, we have chosen to largely avoid the term “emergency shelter” within this document. Instead, we have chosen to refer to “interim housing” or, less frequently, to “sheltering people.” The term “interim housing” is not meant to refer to one specific program model. Rather, the term is meant to refer to a full range of shorter-term, crisis options for temporary accommodations which may currently be referred to by a variety of terms: congregate or non-congregate emergency shelter; navigation centers; bridge housing; transitional housing; or other models or terms. The term “interim housing” is also not meant to imply that people who are staying in such programs have ended their experiences of homelessness. People in interim housing programs of any type are still experiencing homelessness, and interim housing programs alone cannot end homelessness within our communities.
We recognize that it will take time to shift language usage consistently and that language will likely continue to evolve as we strive to reimagine and transform our approaches. We also know that some programs may have to use specific terms for their programs or models based upon funding sources’ eligibility requirements, regulations, or for other reasons. In implementing transformation efforts, we encourage people to use the terms that makes the most sense locally, while also listening to and following the guidance and preferences of people with lived expertise within your community.

Which is

Which is such lovely Fed-Speak