Andrew Olshin

June 20, 2022

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the founder/executive director and board of directors we offer an open invitation for inquiries about merging with or acquiring the non-profit entity Cascadia Clusters. 

Please direct all inquiries to Board President, Fred Cohen @ fredc@... , 503 807 7240.

Since 2016, Cascadia Clusters has worked within the community to successfully build structures for transitional housing and alternative shelter, employing individuals experiencing housing insecurity. Many are now sleeping in more secure environments as a result of Cascadia Clusters construction work. Our employees have earned paychecks and valuable life and work skills. A number of Cascadia Clusters employees have successfully transitioned to stable and secure housing. Now due to health issues with our founder and executive director, Cascadia Clusters seeks a non-profit entity to absorb our assets, employ the dedicated, highly skilled, former resident of Hazelnut Grove, Robert Brimmer (currently living at the St. Johns Village) and continue the mission.

As detailed below, Cascadia Clusters offers a trained and committed employee, numerous work trailers and other assets, construction tools and materials, an attractive (rent-free work site @ NE 158th and Glisan), and valuable connections to the community.

Cascadia Clusters founder and executive director Andy Olshin as well as board members John Sheldon and Fred Cohen are committed to the success of the transition. We offer our time and expertise as needed to make an arrangement successful.

We appreciate your serious and immediate consideration of this proposal as the organization will be winding down over the next few weeks unless an agreement is reached.     

We have considered what we have to offer another organization and summarize our thoughts below.


- Successful track record receiving competitive grants from the Oregon Community Foundation Community Grants Program (2 grants totaling $70,000) and several smaller grants from donor advised funds.

- CC made it to the evaluation round of the 2022 Community Grants Program for a $30,000 grant we applied for.  According to OCF Grant Evaluator, if your merger with or acquisition by another organization is affirmed by the end of June (at the latest) I can submit a report and you can compete for the funds

- Jewish Community:  We have received funds from Congregation Beth Israel, Congregation Neveh Shalom, the Oregon Board of Rabbis, Jewish Federation of Greater Portland and numerous families and individuals. 
- Contracts with the City of Portland have brought almost $100,000 in earned revenue
- Sales of 20+ picnic tables ($450 ea.) and 20, smaller 2-tops for Central Oregon Villages in Bend.
- We receive recurring monthly private donations from several donors
- Numerous private and business donors including Heritage Bank and the Progressive Development Group. 
Supplier Relationships (deep discounts, free materials, etc)
- Woodland Wood Connections
- Rebuilding Center
- Reclaim NW
- Sustainable NW Wood
- Ace Hardware on NW Glisan

Current Property Owner/Landlord Relationship
- Stark Firs Management.  Our current 1 yr lease for approximately 10,000 sq ft @ $1/yr began in early May 2022 @ Glendoveer Apts. - NE 158th and Glisan

Professional Pro-bono Services
- Jeremy Capper Construction
- Peter Fry - Land Use Planning
- Sermin Yesilada - SOSYAL Architecture and Community Development 
- Tax Accounting

Organizational Debt:  None. 

Physical Assets
- Double WashPod - served 60 residents at the  OldTown Village for 18 months with showers and laundry - Est. Value = $30,000
- 40’ cargo container with solar micro grid and lots of shelving and locked storage spaces - est value = $5,000
- Tractor Trailer framed out as a mobile kitchen - est value = $2000
- Construction tools & fasteners: est. $15,000+ value (table, chop saws; router; Dewalt, Makita and Rigid framing nail guns, finish nail guns; collated nails for guns; lots of powder-coated wood screws, etc.)
- Three serviceable heavy duty trailers (capacity 8k to 10k lbs; 16’) est. value = $3,000
- Concrete mixer
- 12” gas powered auger
- Battery chargers, batteries for numerous Makita 18 volt cordless tools
- One Champion Duel Fuel 3500 W generator
- Very lightly used commercial welding equipment - value = $1,000
- 3, sealed lead acid 300 Ah Renogy deep cycle batteries (x3) = est value $1000
- 6, 100 watt solar panels = est value $ 600
- Several air comp
- Framing lumber (est. 300 hundred linear ft)  
- Commercial grade plywood (20+ sheets)
- Metal framed storage tents on top of platforms: 2 x ~10x20 
- Insulated ice fishing tents (3- Eskimo ~$1200; 1- Clam ~$490) 
- Lots of pex fittings and specialized tool = est value = $600

Potential Opportunities Moving Forward for Merged or New Entity

Assume (or terminate) lease at Glendoveer Apts. Holding area for assets
- This space can be a base for a construction job training program
- The site is zoned residential and could be occupied by multiple units
- One THOW can be occupied on property for security - currently the Dormer Pod is occupied by Kaleb and Sam - until they get housing - or the end of June (?)
- Glendoveer owner owns thousands of units of affordable housing.  They have asked CC to work with them on “turnover” projects for 40 units/month.  They have “master lease” agreements with Cultivate Initiatives and other non-profit organizations Connection for continuum of housing for Beacon tenants. 

Please direct all inquiries regarding merger or acquisition to CC Board President, Fred Cohen @ fredc@..., (503) 807-7240

Thank you.


Fred Cohen, Board President, Cascadia Clusters

John Sheldon, Board Treasurer, Cascadia Clusters

Andrew Olshin, Founder, Executive Director