TODAY 3:30-8pm in St Johns: Free smartphone & phone plan, for SNAP or OHP/Medicaid recipients

Tim McCormick

Event today at Wayfinding Academy (in St. Johns)
8010 N. Charleston Ave, Portland, OR 97203.
To help, or with questions: send an email to roxy@...
I'm aiming to go there at 3:30pm, driving from NE Alberta/Concordia area -- if anyone reasonably en route needs a ride, let me know. 

200 free phones with mobile plan are available, to people qualifying by currently receiving SNAP benefits or OHP/Medicaid coverage. This is supported by the Federal Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program, which is set to EXPIRE at the end of this year.

From Greg McKelvey, who is coordinating, on Facebook:
"Dear friends, I try not to ask you for much but I am in need of volunteers for one of the biggest opportunities for Portland in a long time. As a friend said, Based on the financial impact, helping out on Thursday is like volunteering for 100 nights of soup kitchens.

In 2021, having a smartphone is critical for access to transportation, community, and even healthcare. But the cost of adequate plans and phones are burdensome for so many in our community. That’s why we’re collaborating with community organizations across the Portland Metro area for a Free Phones for Christmas phone fair on December 23rd, from 3:30-8pm at the Wayfinding Academy in St. John’s.

Under the federal government’s Emergency Broadband Benefit, those who qualify will receive a free smartphone, along with a free phone plan, including unlimited data, voice, and text. It is easy to qualify: anyone who receives SNAP benefits or is covered by the Oregon Health Plan/Medicaid (not Medicare).  We expect that the free monthly service will continue to be a long-term federal benefit.

Our EBB partner’s offer is only available now.  Due to changes to the federal funding of this benefit as of 1/1/22, this free phone program will not be open for new enrollment in the new year.

Please comment or message if you are willing to volunteer! We have a training tonight at 5:30 for those who wish to volunteer but if you can't make it we can still train you up. Let's get Portland connected!"

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