Register NOW to testify at Weds 2pm city Fall BMP (budget revision) hearing

Tim McCormick

Want to speak up about City of Portland budget priorities, in a relatively listened-to and visible public forum?

You can register NOW to testify at the sole Fall BMP (budget revision) public hearing, this Weds Nov 10th at 2pm. It just opened, the slots are [ostensibly] first-come, first-served, and they'll likely all get reserved well before the hearing. 

Go to:, then scroll down to Weds 2pm section, click Wednesday Afternoon Registration. 

You can also provide written testimony at:

To increase impact, you can mention you're part of PDX Shelter Forum, or other group(s) you support. If you'd like any help/discussion on how to prepare and what you might say, you are welcome to post to this group or contact me.

Indications are, Mayor Wheeler and allies on the Council (here, likely at least Commissioners Dan Ryan and Mingus Mapps) may likely have already secured a voting majority for what they proposed this week (see Background below) and so the hearings will not alter the outcome. 

This is often true of public hearings and meetings, so in a sense they participation theatre, and diversion. However, you can still look at them as of use in signalling, and in stage-setting for future decisions, etc.


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