Notification: Weds 3-5pm: A Home For Everyone - Coordinating Board @ Wed Aug 4, 2021 3pm - 5pm (PDT) (PDX Shelter Forum)

Tim McCormick

incidentally, I have been working on how best to manage & notify about relevant events listings like this, both recurring and one-off. Your feedback/suggestions are welcome on how it's working, or might better.

There is a PDX Shelter Forum google calendar; a note at the bottom of notifications such as the  one below says how to view it, and add it to your calendar if you want.

I'm aiming to set it up so events on calendar automatically send 1-2 notifications to everyone in list/group eg: one when first listed, and one perhaps the day before or day of event. But it's only part working; and, tell me if you think this is or isn't useful or what you'd like. 

Also, I'd like the streamline others suggesting & adding relevant events to calendar (perhaps also deadlines, eg to apply for something, submit testimony).
thanks, Tim

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Weds 3-5pm: A Home For Everyone - Coordinating Board

Wed Aug 4, 2021 3pm – 5pm Pacific Time - Los Angeles
get Zoom link at -> mtg date -> "meeting aenda" (map)
PDX Shelter Forum
(Guest list has been hidden at organizer's request)
HOW TO CONNECT:  use Zoom link
1) go to
2) scroll down to "Meeting Materials"
3) under current meeting date, click on "meeting agenda" 
4) click on underlined link in text: "Follow this link to view the meeting as a member of the public from your computer or the Zoom mobile app." 

April 7 agenda:

Starting with the April 7 meeting, "Members of the public will not be able to participate directly outside of public comments, but will be able to hear and see meeting participants and shared materials. The meeting will be accessible 15 minutes prior to the start time.

"Attendees may submit comment in writing to AHFE@... to be read aloud by Joint Office Staff, or provide their comment verbally. Time allotted for public comments is up to five people, two minute limit per person. An additional period for public comment has been added at the end of the agenda." 

[formerly, public participants could use the Zoom chat channel to comment, ask questions, discuss, or add notes. For spoken Public Comment, it is not quite clear how speaking slots are now requested or assigned - try emailing AHFE@...?]. 

A Home For Everyone is Multnomah County's homelessness policy coordinating body and Federally-recognized Continuum of Care. See: It has a Coordinating board that reports to a smaller Executive Board. 

See for Board members, Agendas, meeting materials (posted some time before meeting, like day of), recordings (posted usually within week after meeting) 

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