Unhoused Bill of Rights - US House of Representatives

Elise Aymer

US Congressperson Coi Bush (D-Missouri) has put forward a bill in the House of Representatives aimed at addressing homelessness and the issues of the unhoused. She herself has been unhoused.

I am linking here to her press release as it seems to provide a greater breakdown of the bill than the news articles on it I've read as well as a link (if you scroll down) to the actual text: https://bush.house.gov/media/press-releases/congresswoman-cori-bush-introduces-unhoused-bill-rights-first-ever-federal

It's positive to see a Congress member put a bill like this forward at this time when COVID-19 supports are ending, the eviction moratorium is ending, etc. (I have not read it closely so I don't have an assessment of its merits yet). I just have not seen much other attention at the federal level to homelessness, poverty and affordability. It is seeming like many are okay to return to business as usual.

I wish I could be more hopeful about its adoption. Given what the Senate looks like, I would think that Bush's bill may pass the House and then get no further.