Reminder that emails go to all by default, and how to limit message volume

Tim McCormick

moderator note:  we love engaged discussion and activity, but please everyone remember that this is a public list with over 300 email subscribers who are (by default) sent every message. 

Personal mesaages or brief "thanks" or "interesting!" type replies are best sent directly to the person you're replying to, not to the list address I'm not faulting anyone, as I understand it is easy to not realize one has included that address, or know that a reply goes to all -- this is why we periodically offer a reminder. 

To limit messages you receive, or switch to just an occasional digest email or read only on Web vs on email, below are instructions, which can always be found at front page of


5. Too many messages? it happens, we understand. You can manage or fix this by using the links on the bottom of every message to to either

     a) Mute This Topic (the current 'thread' of set of messages with same Subject line).  

     b) Unsubscribe. If you choose Unsubscribe, you'll be given alternatives to:

  • Switch to Daily Summary
  • Switch to Special Notices Only (e.g. from admin),
  • Cancel and Stay (cancel unsubscribe request), 
  • Leave Group (need re-approval to rejoin).

Tim McCormick
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