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 Hi all.  I haven’t “posted” I a while so I thought I’d catch folks up on what Cascadia Clusters has been up to and what the next 10 weeks look like for our mission/projects.

Today Jesse and I brought another Eskimo tent to a new ish cluster of folks  - mostly under 25 ? Who are connected to or have aged out of the Homeless Youth Continuum.  These young people have formed a community across from OutSide In on SW 13th.  I am very impressed with the group and have had several warm interactions with OutSide In staff.  We deployed 1 around Thanksgiving, 5 more on 12/24/21 and one today. As you can see from the boxes in the picture below, we have 6 more that are ready to be deployed along with platforms to anchor them onto.

Portland Youthbuild has been working with us to build platforms for future deployment.

If you are interested in helping us build out the space with additional assets, please send me an email with you availability, etc.  Or, just send us some ideas on next steps.

Andy Olshin
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Hi Tim,


I learned about this late. Was it recorded? I would really like to hear a discussion among these three and the audience.





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Virtual Town Hall: Homelessness Solutions — tonight 6-7pm PST, hosted by People for Portland

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  • Alan Evans of Helping Hands (running Bybee Lakes center)
  • Sharon Meieran, County Commissioner
  • Dan Ryan, Portland City Commissioner
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