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Jeff Liddicoat

What I don’t understand is why rather than sweeping all people they can’t just enforce existing laws and cite those actually guilty of offensive littering or public deification.  And even if temporary, the addition of outdoor toilets in high camping areas wouldn’t hurt.
Of course sweeps aren’t really about solving any of the specific problems associated with camping. Instead it’s just a broad crush stroke
of harassment and dispersal. Obviously merely pushing the problem to another part of town is meaningless. Indeed, when there is no discernment between law abiding respectful campers and those who make these messes - eventually people can’t help but wonder why they should try to keep their camps clean and their waste disposal practices proper if no matter what all that happens is they get swept and swept again.
Sweeps are not only unfair they are a threat to the health and even the survival of our neighbors who house themselves outside.

On Fri, Nov 5, 2021 at 3:02 PM John Elizalde <john_elizalde@...> wrote:
worse than sweeps?  The city rousted 4 tents from between 11th and 12th on SW Taylor recently.  They did so by installing 14 bike racks!  Yes, 14 in the western 1/2 of the block.  There was no legitimate reason for sweeping so the city found that bicyclists were clamoring for 14 new parking spaces across from First Baptist church.  Crazy! And inhumane.

 Backstory?  The shop owner at the corner of 11/Taylor had legitimate complaints about people soiling her building doorway and otherwise making her customers uncomfortable.  She raised hell and got a response.  14 bike racks. 

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