TODAY - 3-5pm Weds, join/testify at AHFE Coordinating Board monthly mtg

Tim McCormick

Passcode, if prompted: AHFECB21!

general or on-agenda-item public comment is open at start, up to two minutes for 5 speakers, and possible additional comment time at end.

This is one of the better, open opportunities to get updates and be heard on Portland/Multnomah County homelessness issues. Speak now and tune in (or watch later) or.. well, most alternatives are likely less useful or impactful. This meeting is also recorded and later made available on YouTube, which adds to the value of getting any points or suggestions on record here. 

OCTOBER 26 Agenda:
5 min Welcome - Board, Co-Chairs
10 min Introductions (All) Informational
10 min Open for Public Comment: Up to five people, two minute limit per
person. (All)
5 min Interrupting Microaggressions Training - 10/15 (Josh) Informational
5 min Community Solutions Update (Lori) Informational
20 min Budget Presentation (Marc/Adam) Informational
55 min Budget Discussion (Marc/Adam Discussion
5 min Additional Public Comment (All) Discussion
5 min General Updates & Announcements (All) Informational

Tim McCormick
+1 503.334.1894.  Zoom personal room.
Moderator PDX Shelter Forum, Editor at HousingWiki,
Organizer at Village Collaborative

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