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This is a real privilege to receive. You and your father were very gracious in sharing. I researched the lay of land after viewing the presentation and reading the linked story. Texas legislature is considering a bill to make homeless encampments illegal. Will create fines up to $500. At some point when they realize and admit that they are never going to get money out of a homeless person and the mounting administration costs and arrests pile up for unpaid citations, they will begin to address the root cause. The presentation and what they are doing in Dallas is a wonderful first step to helping to improve outcomes.





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Hi all. My Dad lives in Dallas, TX, and does a good deal of outreach/support work with housing unstable and houseless folks there. He shared this presentation with me (attached as PDF) that outlines the current programs they are funding to try and help on a number of fronts. While obviously not a bastion of progressive values, it looks as though they are doing some good things there in this area. I thought some in this group would find this interesting.


Not mentioned in this presentation, but apparently there is some sort of publicly-funded medical insurance program for houseless people there (though I haven’t been able to find more info on it yet), that many of the people he works with make good use of.


I do think the counts are a bit suspect here – they estimate around 4000 unhoused people in Dallas County, which has a population just under 3 million. But since they have 3+ months of 90+ degree temperatures there each year, perhaps the more visible threat to human lives drives a bit more priority on addressing some of these issues than what we have here. I don’t know whether the houseless community themselves is well represented in any of these groups…would be curious about the experience from those participating in the system.


Here’s a recent article from the local newspaper giving an overview of the programs as well:





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