Re: Article: Shipping containers used to build LA housing complex for the homeless

Tim McCormick

about this project Hilda Solis First Care Village, LA, I and an interesting group are presently discussing on Twitter, please see thread at:
Particularly I'd like to invite views of anyone currently or formerly or near houseless, or who has lived in housing alternatives such as 'microunits' or trailers. We have activist @homeless_new (NYC) on and I've copied a number of other houseless folk I know of.

I'm in Bay Area currently and likely to go to LA this month, Solis Care Village is one place I'd particularly like to visit, among the many field-research places of great interest in area. 

Mark Hogan @markasaurus wrote:
"Using the numbers in the article this container project cost almost $900/SF to build and people are living in rooms only slightly wider than the length of a bed"

Tim McCormick @tmccormick wrote (replying):
"remarkable Hilda L Solis Care First Village for houseless, 232 apts + services bldg, $48M = $207k/apt, on public parking lot, done in 5 mos. 
Architects: @NACLosAngeles; builders @BernardsBrosInc  @VESTAmodular.
c/@HildaSolis #SolisCareFirstVillage #HSCFV"


On Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 6:00 PM Charlotte <victorygardensforall@...> wrote:
has anyone calculated the cost per unit here.

On Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 5:25 PM Angie Gilbert <kaytayang@...> wrote:
American firms NAC Architecture and Bernards have used shipping containers to form private apartments in a Los Angeles facility for people experiencing homelessness. The Hilda L Solis Care First …

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