Increased Houselessness As Federal Eviction Moratorium Ends?

Elise Aymer

" On Thursday, the White House confirmed it would let the moratorium expire because the supreme court said it would block additional extensions unless they were authorized by Congress. "
Source: The Guardian article linked to below

Apparently, some legislators in the US House of Representatives are crafting a bill that would extend the federal eviction moratorium urged on by the Biden administration. 

Note that Oregon's eviction moratorium ended June 30th and not everyone qualified for Federal protection. 

My understanding is that in Multnomah County renters (thanks to a vote by County Commissioners) have an additional 90 days from the end of the Oregon moratorium during which they are still protected from eviction. There was a similar grace period affected at the state level. 

For homeowners, many who have also been struggling to make payments and therefore stay housed, Gov. Kate Brown also signed legislation to extend the mortgage foreclosure moratorium until September. 

What will happen after?

Without an extension the Federal moratorium ends tomorrow, leaving millions of Americans behind on their rent and unable to pay or to find other lodgings (if they have orders filed against them). State emergency rental assistance programs don't seem able to keep up and some landlords won't accept the funds from the programs.

What will happen to these millions of people? Already homelessness isn't being properly addressed. And then of course, more people entering shelters now (if there are spaces) will probably mean increasing rates of COVID-19, with the Delta variant being as transmissible as chicken pox.

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