Re: Faith, private, foundation and non-profit efforts are moving forward.

Sue Gemmell

I agree that lack of housing is not responsible for homelessness - Portland has thousands of empty units waiting for renters who'll pay those prices. 

But what's missing from the discussion is how to close the gap between what people earn and can pay, and what housing costs. Options can be achieved many ways, and could include:
Cheaper housing - changes in code is a start. 
Subsidies - private grants or from new tax structure
Increased wages - subsidized? No tax on the first $30,000? 

Somehow, the "K-shape" recovery needs to change. That lower leg of the K needs to go up.

<rant>We need to crowbar off some of the superfluous assets of the wealthiest people and distribute it to the most vulnerable.  All wages should be livable wages, with retirement plans and sick leave, healthcare must be decoupled from employment (medicare for all), and post-12 education needs to be affordable without debt. After these basic needs are met, the ultra rich can buy as many mega-yachts with art collections as they need. </rant>

After working for a decade in international aid, I see how an emergency response to house IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons - different status than refugees) is needed here in the US. 



Sue Gemmell (she/ella)

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