Re: Denver's Expanding City-Run Campsites

Peter Finley Fry

I want to express my appreciation for this medium of education and communication.


I believe that the underlying cause of homelessness is the fragmentation of community in our nation; ironically caused by the fact that our nation is composed of refugees from all the nations of the world trying to find a way to restore their cultures and form new communities in this “promised land”.


This forum is an important part of bringing us together.  Thank you.   




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I am sharing a news video on Denver's City-run campsites - that they've been deploying across their city and expanding since the pandemic, as it's likely to be referenced as a model in Portland and elsewhere.



This is a mainstream (NBC) news segment so it doesn't delve into what's happening in detail or fully examine ramifications. I also didn't find it properly presented the bigger picture either or ask the important "whys." In other words, a great deal of context and analysis are missing. 


So, in posting this, I'm expecting it to be useful in providing a brief view (literally) of what's happening there and a starting point for finding out more. Once something like this (in a western city) is being featured in the mainstream, national news, I expect it to assume more prominence in the discussion in Portland.





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