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Barb Rainish

Hi Tim, thank you for posting this. Thank you for running PDXshelterforum. 

I have been around AHFE for several years. Mostly at coordinating board and SOS workgroup meetings.

I am the one you told last month you don't know me, so my answers don't count.
Feel free to reach out to me.

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On Wed, Jul 7, 2021, 2:21 PM Tim McCormick <tmccormick@...> wrote:

general or on-agenda-item public comment is open at start, up to two minutes for 5 speakers, and possible additional comment time at end.

This is a top opportunity to be heard on Portland/Multnomah County homelessness issues. Speak now and tune in (or watch later) or.. well, most alternatives are likely less useful or impactful. This meeting is also recorded and later made available on YouTube, which adds to the value of getting your points on record here. 

HOW TO CONNECT:  use Zoom link

In general, for future meetings:

1) go to

2) scroll down to "Meeting Materials"

3) under current meeting date, click on "meeting agenda" 

4) click on underlined link in text: "Follow this link to view the meeting as a member of the public from your computer or the Zoom mobile app." 

July 7 agenda:

10 min

Welcome & Introductions

Board Co-Chairs


10 min

Open for Public Comment: Up to five people, two minute limit per person.



5 min

Group Agreements



20 min

Emergency Housing Vouchers

 Bill Boyd

Informational, Decision

25 min

Supportive Housing Services (SHS) Implementation Update

Cristal Otero, Marc Jolin

Informational, Discussion

30 min

Eviction Prevention & Rent Assistance Briefing

Marc Jolin and DCHS Staff

Informational, Discussion

10 min

Additional Public Comment



10 min

General Updates & Announcements




Starting with the April 7 meeting, "Members of the public will not be able to participate directly outside of public comments, but will be able to hear and see meeting participants and shared materials. The meeting will be accessible 15 minutes prior to the start time.

"Attendees may submit comment in writing to AHFE@... to be read aloud by Joint Office Staff, or provide their comment verbally. Time allotted for public comments is up to five people, two minute limit per person. An additional period for public comment has been added at the end of the agenda." 

[formerly, public participants could use the Zoom chat channel to comment, ask questions, discuss, or add notes. For spoken Public Comment, it is not quite clear how speaking slots are now requested or assigned - try emailing AHFE@...?]. 


A Home For Everyone is Multnomah County's homelessness policy coordinating body and Federally-recognized Continuum of Care. See: It has a Coordinating board that reports to a smaller Executive Board. 

See for Board members, Agendas, meeting materials (posted some time before meeting, like day of), recordings (posted usually within week after meeting) 

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