what's going on with Outdoor Shelters / S2HC? - Street Roots interviews Tim McCormick

Tim McCormick

Have you been wondering what's happening with Shelter to Housing Continuum project, and Outdoor Shelters, since this was approved by Portland City Council on April 28?

Yeah, us too, and many people.

Not to fear, I've discussed in detail all I know about it, plus surrounding issues and the emerging campaign for Permanent Villages following on S2HC, in an interview with reporter Christen McCurdy for Street Roots, done for a planned Street Roots story next week about S2HC: 

Let us know what you think, other questions, suggestions, etc!
thanks, Tim

Bcc: Christen McCurdy, reporter. 
Kaia Sand, Executive Director, Street Roots
Sharon Meieran, Multnomah County Commissioner
Dan Ryan, City of Portland Councilmember.
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Tim McCormick
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