Re: Article: Four Homeless People Sue Portland to Block Camp Sweeps

Emerson This

@Dr Aisha: Yup that’s exactly right. As a society we’ve decided that certain people deserve to be unhoused. And it’s very apparent when contrasted with the compassion that emerges when the “wrong” people are unhoused.

So to David’s point... even though we can explain the psychology, that doesn’t necessarily make it defensible, legally. I wonder if a lawsuit like David imagined could leverage the disparity in those responses. 

On May 25, 2021, at 5:29 PM, Aisha Musa <draymusa@...> wrote:

The problem is that the housed community sees that they could be victims of wildfires and so empathized with those people. They do not empathize with other unhoused because they see them as to blame for their situation. 

Dr. Aisha Y. Musa
AYM Education and Consulting, LLC

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