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Trena Sutton

Yesterday I received a panicked call from a woman who is in a facility recovering from major surgery. She has a tent on the Springwater. Many of the tents were on the Pro Logis property and they allowed stay. Then their tools were started disappearing, an employee was shot with a pellet gun and yesterday a little creep stole a set of keys right out of a truck and in
front of employees.

Pro Logis had enough and wants everyone to be swept on a Police Abatement. The good campers like the woman who is convalescing is caught up with the bad. 

We know who it was that took the keys. I hear complaints about this jerk from other campers. They complain these  problematic people are causing the trouble but they all have to pay the price. 



On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 12:06 AM Tim McCormick <tmccormick@...> wrote:
The City of Portland is officially resuming 'sweeps', or 'cleanups,' of homeless camps, focusing on those with 8 or more structures, blocking sidewalks or entrances, or with reports of criminal behavior or conspicuous drug use.
WW article:

Notice from Office of Management and Finance, Homelessness and Urban Camping Impact Reduction Program (HUCIRP), posted late last month:

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Note, the term 'sweeps' is generally used by opponents of these practices, while officials in Portland say 'cleanups.' 'Cleanups' is fairly well-defined, as the city's current practices; 'sweeps' is less so -- for example, does it imply that campers are not offered alternative acceptable shelter, or assistance in moving belongings? or that they would risk arrest for not complying? Could there be some form of, say, 'relocation' of campers that is not a sweep?

We realize this is a very polarizing, conflicted, and complex situation. Please give us, especially, considered thoughts on this situation. If you are opposed to 'sweeps' or 'cleanups,' tell us what you might propose as alternative, or how else to address concerns of officials and people who support them.

If you support them, tell us why you think others don't, and how their concerns might be addressed. 

Note, we had staffers from HUCIRP, representatives from Downtown and N. Portland neighborhood associations who've particularly raised concerns on this, and organizers from Stop the Sweeps PDX coalition, at the PDX Shelter Forum the other week. We particularly invite comments from them, and thank them for coming together in this discussion.  

Tim McCormick
Editor at HousingWiki, Organizer at Village Collaborative
Portland, Oregon 

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