Re: Interview with Willamette Week on PDX homelessness battles

Suzanne Huffman

Good morning! Coming to you from West Salem, where I have been getting to know neighbors  camping ay Wallace Marine Park, 2 miles from my condo in a 55 plus golfing community. I’ve identified a core group who have skills and inclinations to form a makers co-op and have been taking art supplies to the park.


Last night I camped there with a couple of people I’ve gotten to know, came home in my Jetta Sportwagen, but left the SUV tent behind Today we will be constructing a façade over a 7x7x6 foot backpacking canopy. It will look like a tiny home. God willing, we will have the canister toilet delivered from Amazon today and have supplies to create a tiny sink for hygiene. If not, I have plenty of buckets, pool noodles cat liter and a Coleman picnic jug with a spout!


Tonight I will be Zooming into the Salem City Council meeting from Wallace Marine Village, asking them to suspend planned sweeps and allow us to develop a self-managed primitive campground, to open to the public on July 1. I used to do business incubation and have several micro-enterprise schemes, including constructing bamboo bikes, bike teardrop campers and boats from Wooden Widgets.


Honestly, I am on the “advocacy” community’s shit list for making public the contract and financials between the local CAT and the “Church” at the Park. See attached conversation with their former employee. C@TP  was incorporated and registered with SOS 8/18/2020 and issued essentially an open-ended sole-sourced contract for the current pallet shelter fiasco -- $225k for three months’ wages and benefits plus food service subbed (sole source again) Pastor DJ is working on the second emergency shelter and intends to build 6 more so there is one in each ward in Salem.


If anyone in this group would like to learn more, pitch in, help strategize  media and legal, etc.  visit… please call/text me at 503-875-5999 or if you do Facebook join our group Cascadian  Cooperative Arts.


FYI, through PPC Oregon I know Barbie at Hazelnut Grove and “Mo Edged” who was a founding member of Breitenbush Center. I’ll be reaching out to them today.


Attached, please find my testimony from two weeks ago. I have learned MUCH more since then. You will also find a chat conversation with the current moderator of Coalition of Advocates for Unsheltered of Salem, self-styled experts on homelessness in Salem. The mayor sends Gretchen Bennett, who coordinates homeless policy, along with human rights for the city.


Peace be with you!


Suzanne Lynn Huffman PhD

Counseling and Educational Psychology University of Memphis

Art Education and Special Education Memphis State University


Former Portland resident and communicant at Trinity Cathedral  



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From: Tim McCormick
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Subject: [pdxshelterforum] Interview with Willamette Week on PDX homelessness battles


WW interviewed me, I wrote it up:


"The houseless vs the settlement: interview with Willamette Week".  


a field report from Portland's increasingly heated, fractious homelessness policy battles.


discussing, among others: 

County Commissioner Sharon Meieran, 

County Chair Deborah Kafoury 

PSU Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative director Dr. Marisa Zapata 

Homer Williams, founder of Oregon Harbor of Hope

Councilmember Dan Ryan.



Sophie Peel, Reporter, WW

Mark Zusman, Publisher WW

Aaron Mesh, Editor, WW 

Nigel Jaquiss, Reporter, WW

Rachel Monahan, Reporter, WW

Tess Riski, Reporter, WW

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Tim McCormick

Moderator PDX Shelter Forum, Editor at HousingWiki,
Organizer at Village Collaborative

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