Re: PDX Shelter Forum - Check out Community First! Village in Austin TX

Trena Sutton

 Strike one. It was built as a minimum security jail which was not industrial. Since we still have a homeless state of emergency and zoning laws can be waived  I have to say That Dog don’t hunt. That is all

On Mon, Jul 6, 2020 at 7:20 AM Andrew Olshin <Andrew.Olshin@...> wrote:
Perhaps some of the industrial property owners  - many of whom will be paying the Metro Tax 😎- are concerned about a precedent regarding changing the allowed use of historically industrial property to  a community service use -which ,I believe, is prohibited in that Zone.  So, will the City (and the Port, run by its own board?ish) carve out a “new” “spot zoned” recharacterization of Bybee Lake Commons(🤣). 

Andy Olshin

On Jul 6, 2020, at 4:07 AM, Erika Schnidrig <Erikajschnid@...> wrote:

I agree. I feel the apprehension to make Wapato a shelter space was largely due to those reasons. Shelter can already feel isolating and it's easy for houseless folks staying in shelters to feel a sense of powerlessness. Lack of access to resources and essentials like grocery stores could add to that feeling of powerlessness. Transportation in general is such an enormous barrier as well so I hope there is a plan to hear more community input, especially from those who it affects most. 

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