Santa Cruz City Council restricts camping in most of city, once safe sleeping sites available

Tim McCormick

The Santa Cruz City Council on Tuesday approved a homeless ordinance that restricts camping in most parts of the city, also anywhere in daytime, but requires a safe sleeping program and daytime storage before the rules can take effect.

"The package of rules, called the “Camping Services and Standards Ordinance,” prohibits most camping in the city, a rule that will take effect when the city establishes at least 150 “safe sleeping sites.”  It is unclear where those will be located, but under the ordinance they will not be located next to schools. They also cannot be placed adjacent to residential neighborhoods, but it was not clear Tuesday how that will be determined."

I'd guess this ordinance generally predicts others that will be passed in many cities all over the West Coast and other high-homelessness areas. 

It's a contrast to Proposition B that just passed in Austin, which bans camping everywhere in city unless it's a designated parks-department campground, but doesn't require that there be any or sufficient such campgrounds. 
How that makes sense, i.e. where people would go, seems to be a generally unanswered question; as is, how this would pass the 8th Amendment constitutionality tests upheld by the 9th Circuit Court, should a court binding upon Austin / Texas (e.g., the US 5th Circuit Court) rule similarly.

Tim McCormick
Moderator PDX Shelter Forum, Editor at HousingWiki,
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