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Keith Wilson


I am in LA in August and will be meeting with Built for Zero. Would like to meet with General Jeff at Skid Row. Can you please provide his email.

Thanks for all that you do.




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Join us for an event featuring the book's authors and Built for Zero leaders.

May 13, 2021



Online event today 10am PDT, 1pm EDT, featuring #BuiltForZero program from Community Solutions, and the well-known founder of CS, Roseanne Haggerty. 


You MUST register here: 

** If any issues, contact hosts Community Solutions - I am not running this, won't be able to help. **


Built For Zero is a very significant program/org that recently got huge funding boost from the MacArthur Foundation.  


They have a particular approach to defining and achieving "functional zero" homelessness for target populations -- typically, either chronic or veteran homelessness. 


This particular webinar appears to be looking especially at an  "Public Interest Technology," and features authors of recent book on this. #BuiltForZero is a key example discussed in the book.  


From what I know and can see, I really recommend this webinar. If you haven't yet heard about BuiltForZero in your community, chances are you will before long, and your officials / agency heads have already. Including recently in Portland, -- where basically their program was adopted straight out by A Home For Everyone, Executive Committee, without public discussion or consultation with the Coordinating Board. 


Could be fine, great, in outcome -- I don't know, I'm just skeptical as usual, especially when they didn't ask us our views on it. 

The Executive Committee peremptorily chose Community Solutions - seems like the typical amusing ironic way of the world, from my p.o.v., but who asked my opinion on that anyway, ever? ;)




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