ANOTHER event today, 5-6:30pm "We The Unhoused" Theo Henderson @ UCLC

Tim McCormick

You are invited (but need to contact organizer for Zoom link to attend), 
"A Conversation between Theo Henderson, podcast host of We The Unhoused, and activist; 
and, Lexis-Olivier Rey, reporter at L.A. TACO, organizer of event. 

Theo is the creator and host of We The Unhoused, a podcast series from the streets of LA by and about and for the houseless. It's up to 44 episodes now, they seem to drop about every 2-3 weeks on average.

He's steadily gained quite of a lot of recognition in wider media, is probably the forefront of houseless-produced personal media: the much bigger operation Invisible People run by Mark Horvath centers on houseless people, but Mark was houseless a few decades back -- still, a quite impressive and interesting media channel. The other comparable thing is street newspapers, but these vary a lot in how directly houseless people are involved in running, editing, or writing for them, and it can be hard to tell how much.
By comparison, I really appreciate the DIY power of Theo's work. 

We The Unhoused is on Soundcloud:

I'd note, it is really from the street, i.e. every episode I've listened to has been most recorded right on street with simple equipment, and full of street and cross-cutting sound. It can be kind of jarring or at times hard to hear, but on the other hand it feels very real, and kind of puts you directly into the context in a way radio/video usually doesn't.

Organizer web contact form

Check it out!!

Bcc: Graham Pruss - fyi noting this event and mailing list/group to you. 
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