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Tim McCormick

To PDX Shelter Forum 4 registrants and attendees, & Forum members: 

thanks to all who joined our forum #4 this past Monday.  We had 113 registrations, a peak of about 70 live participants on the Zoom meeting, and 40 livestream viewers on Youtube. We've also grown this open list/group to 325 members, coming from all kinds of backgrounds, current positions, and views.


Thank you again to our amazing speakers/panelist for this forum: 

  • General Jeff, LA Skid Row Neighborhood Council Formation Committee - @GoSkidRow.

  • Dr. Sharon Meieran, Multnomah County Commission for District 1. 

  • Mark Lakeman, founder of City Repair Project, designer at Communitecture. 

  • [Victory LaFara, MSW. (they, them, theirs) - C3PO Program Coordinator & Dignity Village Program Specialist, JOIN. -- confirmed, but had to cancel due to illness]

We got a uncommon gift from all three speakers, and other participants, I think, of truly genuine and honest, impassioned as well as reflective, and well-grounded observations, from three (and more) very different perspectives. You can watch/listen, and share, at.. 

Video Full event video of event: (You can always find this, prior forum videos, and related / excerpt video clips in our Youtube channel, 

Post-event survey tell us what you thought, any difficulties, suggestions, and especially, what should we do future forums about?  Survey is anonymous to us unless you choose to identify yourself. 

Meeting notes  all public input on the Zoom chat channel, or added to the public doc, are preserved in the archived public event document at:

Sponsors: finally, a huge thank you to the sponsors for this event: 


Keith Wilson, Titan Freight Systems, Portland (

Nate Ember, Ink:Built Design, Portland (

Human Solutions, Portland (

Portland Homeless Family Solutions (PHFS) - 

St. Stephen's Episcopal Parish


Stanley Penkin

David Dickson

Sue Gemmell

Samantha Petty

Sarah Carolus

Marisa Espinoza, NW Pilot Project

Mary Fellows

Hannah Studer

Margret Zebroski

Janet McManus

Mimi German, homeless advocate in St. Johns neighborhood


Maryhelen Kincaid

Kathryn Everts

Dave Weaver

Hannah Wallace

Kathryn Everts

thank you! This support is what lets us continue, and keep building the open, civil forum we want to see and think the issues need. Tim

Tim McCormick
Moderator PDX Shelter Forum, Editor at HousingWiki,
Organizer at Village Collaborative
Portland, Oregon 

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