Re: Article: Los Angeles Just Opened a Tiny Home Village to House the Homeless

Jayme Delson

I suspect the creators of this lash up, consider it transitional housing  (housing first).  Keeping with that myth, it would not matter how it was laid out trees or no really in my opinion, if someone is to stay here two weeks on their way to their own nice cottage, with a bit of a yard.

Given prevailing reality,  with nothing for most to transition to, we in my opinion will need way more than a few trees and a fixed layout, for me to be anything but sickened from seeing this.

Where i live, the homeless often call this prison lite, and i feel the same way. 

People with no home, do use jail to get a few warm nights rest, and a bit of medial care, often they know the right laws to brake to get in for just a few days.  That is what this could be useful for.

I presume the people who created this mean well,  if so thank you for that!
Lets do this for people in need ( and all who so wish) in a kind, comprenhisive,  and uplifting way, intouch with the reality that there is nothing to transition to for most, and done well, why would one want to.

Jayme Delson

On 2/23/2021 9:52 AM, Tommy Kiser wrote:
Yeah agree that more trees and foliage would be beneficial in a number of ways.


On Feb 23, 2021, at 9:46 AM, Melinda Henning <Melinda@...> wrote:

I would never line them up like that, but do a more curved arrangement even if that meant fewer units in the space. Also, if the units have to be replicas of each other, soft that institutional feel with interesting large potted plants or at least minimal attractive landscaping. 

Melinda Henning
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On Feb 23, 2021, at 9:12 AM, Margaret Zebroski <peggyz50@...> wrote:

Inspirational? More like a cozy outdoor prison... 

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