suggest topic/presentation/Qs for AHFE Safety off the Streets workgroup Feb 16?

Tim McCormick

To: PDX Shelter Forum list
Bcc: Paul Stark, AHFE SoS steering committee

On Weds Feb 16, 3-5pm is the next monthly, open meeting of the Safety Off the Streets Workgroup, a subcommittee of the Coordinating Board of A Home For Everyone:

Does anyone have a topic, item, or question they think ought to be brought up at this? For example, plans for future villages, or Safe Parking projects? 

To suggest a topic or item to comment on, one should email AHFE
afhe@... plus Paul Stark Paul.Stark@... of MultCo / AHFE who helps coordinate the meetings, because about two weeks before meeting (i.e. TODAY!) they have a steering committee meeting to set the agenda. This is according to Paul, whom I asked during the last meeting.

Perhaps we could just request a brief spot on the agenda to introduce PDX Shelter Forum to attendees and recap major topics/Qs we've been discussing?

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Background: As noted in thread two weeks ago.
SOS Workgroup is the shelter, immediate-response focused part, and advisory group, of the county homelessness administrative authority (A Home For Everyone). See more about it:

thanks, Tim. 

Tim McCormick
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